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Rejestrujemy Jachty i Łodzie w REJA24
  • You don't need to be a Polish citizen to benefit from Polish Yacht Flag Registration

    Happy to launch a new service for non Polish residents! We register your boat in REJA24 with tailored door-to-door service.

Looking for exceptional Polish Flag Registration service but not having permanent residence in Poland?

We offer a tailored solution for boat owners around the world, who would like to register their boat under Polish Flag.

Our service includes preparation of documents and translation services. On top we offer our residence address to enable you registration in Poland.

Flaga Polski powiewa nad morzem

Important facts on Polish Boat Flag up to 24 m

  • Polish flag is available for all citizens around the world, provided you have correspondence address here or legal representative,
  • for boats registered as seagoing the Polish radio licence is obligatory,
  • it takes around 5-6 weeks to get Polish radio licences MMSI (provided all documents will be respected by authorities),
  • for boats longer that 14,99 meters the survey is obligatory,
  • all documents in foreign language, except CE declaration of conformity must be sworn translated into Polish,
  • Polish registration has lifetime validity but it doesnt say you are not obliged to perform safety surveys on regular basis (for specific boat types).
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usmiechnieta kobieta czyt list z wiadomością

What do we provide with a service?

Navigating the waters of boat registration has never been smoother or more reliable than with our expert service. As a locally-based company, we are not just a faceless entity but a reachable and dependable partner, right here in Poland, ready to assist you at every step.

Every season, we proudly serve over 1500 customers, each of whom trusts us to handle their boat registration needs with the utmost professionalism. This extensive experience underpins our commitment to providing you with the highest level of service, ensuring that your journey is as seamless as possible.

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Local Address

Local registration address and guarantee that every correspondence which comes from officials will be forwarded to you (100€ lifetime). You will not miss anything important!

Clear Rules

Service fee starting from 250€. No hidden costs. Money back guarantee.

360 deg. support

Translation of attached documents for 25€ price per page (flat price regardless of language)

Lifetime Obligation

We feel obliged to inform you via email about any important on critical legal changes, updates to registry.

Still having questions? Check our FAQ section and find your answer on Polish Boat Flag registration :) 

What types of watercraft can be registered under the Polish flag?

We can register a wide range of watercraft, including yachts, boats, jet skis, and other small watercraft up to 24 meters in length. It also includes houseboats.

Why should I register my yacht or boat under the Polish flag?

 Registering under the Polish flag offers several advantages, such as access to EU waters, a straightforward registration process and lifetime validty of documents. Polish boat flag is also a whitelisted flag - which means it shows high level of trust in ports.

What documents are required for registering my boat in Poland?

You’ll need proof of ownership, CE certification (if applicable), a passport or national ID, and any previous registration documents. You will be asked to sign a power of attorney for us - so that we will be able to represent you in frot of Polish authorities.

Remember that boat needs to be registered out from other flags first.

How long does the registration process take?

Once all documents are submitted, you should receive the provisional registration document within 7 working days. The finalisation process typically takes 2 to 4 weeks for the print of plastic registration document. This document will be sent to you directly via courier.

Can you assist me if I don’t speak Polish?

Absolutely! Our services include full English and Ukrainian language support, ensuring a smooth registration process for our international clients.

What should I do if I encounter issues with the online registration form?

Contact our support team immediately. We are available via email, phone, and online chat to assist you with any technical difficulties.

What are the costs associated with yacht or boat registration in Poland?

Registration costs vary based on the type and size of your vessel. We provide a clear pricing structure with no hidden fees, available upon request. Registration fee starts from 300€

Are there any recurring fees after my yacht is registered?

There are no recurring fees associated with registration. However, there might be other maintenance or documentation fees over time, which we can advise you on.

What kind of support services do you offer after registration?

We offer ongoing support for any additional documentation, updates to your registration, and advice on maritime regulations. You will get discounted pricing at all times!

How will I receive my registration documents?

Your official registration documents will be sent to you via courier, ensuring secure and timely delivery.

What if I need to deregister my boat or transfer ownership?

We can guide you through the deregistration or transfer process. Contact us when you're ready to proceed and we'll take care of the details. You can also choode the deregistration service at 99 euro.

Can I use my registered yacht or boat for commercial purposes?

Yes, but this requires additional documentation and adherence to different regulations. We can help you with this specific registration.

Where can I find more information about Poland's maritime regulations?

For detailed resources, visit the official website of the Polish maritime authorities, or contact our customer service for personalized guidance.

I have more questions. How can I contact customer service?

You can reach out to our customer service team via phone at +48536854202, email us at, or use our live chat option on our website for immediate assistance.

Application Form to Apply for Polish Boat Flag

We love forms!

You are just one click away from successful application for Polish flag. Prepare a bill of sale, copy of your ID, picture of hull number (if exists) and picture with engine plate. Fill in the form, sign and submit and voila! We will check your form and come back to you asap. No payment obligation at this stage!

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